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This is a very large box for a very small biography. But you know what's great for that? Bullet points.

  • I live in Virginia.

  • Will I live in Virginia forever?

  • Depends on how long forever is.

  • Fake (Bloomsbury, 09/20/18) is my first published book.

  • Will it be the only book I ever publish?

  • Why would you ask me something like that?

  • I am working on a novel right now.

  • I am almost always working on a novel.

  • Fake is not a novel.

  • I have no pets.

  • I am a southpaw.

  • Let's all try to use fewer plastic straws and utensils, eh?



I felt more comfortable just putting photos in this section than deleting it.



this page gonna grow

The Bloomsbury of it all.

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